Introducing Praedictio:
the revolutionary business data scientist


The new self-learning machine performing human business activities


Know your future: An insightful business predictions framework for SMEs


Data driven machine learning, easily integrated with business applications

What is Praedictio?

Praedictio is a new data analysis and machine learning framework to help SMEs predict the future, and automate and perform business activities.
Praedictio can be used to handle business critical queries in areas such as customer forecasting, product life cycles, product management, understanding customer needs, and more. It can:

  • Serve highly accurate business predictions to help managers make timely decisions
  • Automate everyday business and operational activities
  • Quickly understand business problems, and find solutions faster
  • Integrate data driven machine learning models with business applications

How does Praedictio work?

Praedictio trains custom machine learning models to learn business processes and respond to queries
Secured open gateways provide interfaces to integrate with portals, dashboards and systems
Quickly understand business problems, and find solutions faster
Action engines trigger predictions, alerts and other actions based on predefined rules
Smart predictions identify correlations with data sources and provide predictive analytics


Smooth Integration

Praedictio is developed with easy integration in mind. It can be quickly plugged in to most machine learning workflows thanks to its Platform Agnostic nature and services offered via secured REST Endpoints.

Production Time Low

Praedictio is modelled for rapid deployment, saving considerable time spent on
training, tuning and deploying Machine Learning Models upon designated
production environments.

Easily access trained models

Praedictio allows for easy access to trained machine learning models via HTTPS REST endpoints – that can be called from any web or mobile client.

Choice of Framework

Praedictio is pre-loaded with Tensor Flow and SciKit-Learn. As a result, Praedictio offers a wide range of in-built, high performance machine learning algorithms.

Food and Beverage

Praedictio can deliver historic analysis of data, and predictive analysis – such as weekly sales predictions, seasonal predictions as well as recommendations for product bundles, for a food and beverage business. Praedictio’s platform agnostic production model also delivers the benefits of low latencies and scalable environments.


We used data extracted from Retail chain to test Praedictio. Praedictio analysed the data, predicted future prices, sales on weather affected days and customer segmentation – all based on
‘consumer buying’ patterns
and data.

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